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Jaguar F-Pace

Luxury Jaguar F-Pace Rental NYC
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    Classic Jaguar, Modern SUV

    A sleek and sporty SUV, the F-Pace has the heart of a classic Jaguar. Sophisticated, subtle, and modern, yet steeped in tradition, the F-Pace is the gentleman’s Sports Utility Vehicle.
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    Roomy Interior, Effortless Performance

    For a vehicle of this size, the F-Pace boasts remarkable balance and turning capabilities, taking corners with the ease and effortlessness of a car, while retaining the spaciousness and height of a mid-size SUV.
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    Features & Technology

    • 4-wheel-drive
    • premium leather interior
    • heated seats and steering wheel
    • power panorama roof
    • meridian premium sound system
    • voice-activated navigation system
    • bluetooth wireless data link auxiliary cable & iPhone charger included
* All photos are of actual vehicles in the RealCar fleet. All vehicles are black, gray, dark blue, or white. RealCar guarantees that you will receive the make and model of your choice, but at this time cannot guarantee you a specific color.

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  • How many gallons of fuel would the Jaguar-f-pace consume per mile?
    Jaguar F-pace consumes between 22-27 mpg, depending on the roads you take i.e. city or highway.
    Can I return rental Jaguar-f-pace to another location?
    Currently RealCar does not offer one way rentals.
    Where can I get rental Jaguar-f-pace?
    Jaguar F-Pace can be delivered within Manhattan* or picked up from RealCar garage.
  • Which car insurance do I need to rent the Jaguar-f-pace?
    You can purchase insurance through RealCar or you can use your own car insurance. Please check with your provider before renting.
    What does the Jaguar-f-pace rental include?
    A rental with RealCar includes the vehicle selected, 200 miles per day, and delivery and pick-up within Manhattan*.
    What are the advantages of the Jaguar-f-pace rent?
    Jaguar is a premium, stylish mid-size SUV with high load capacity and a sporty drive.
  • What proof of identification do I need to rent the Jaguar-f-pace with Realcar?
    To rent with us you need a valid driver's license and credit card. In some cases you may be asked to take a selfie with your driver's license for verification.
    What are the main rules of using rental Jaguar-f-pace?
    The main rules are to follow traffic rules, do not abuse the vehicle, no off-roading or racing of any kind. Call us in case of an accident/break down
    What cars does Realcar offer except the Jaguar-f-pace?
    RealCar offers a variety of cars and SUVs from premium brands. Please view our fleet at