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Renting a Mercedes-Benz in New York City

Brand History Mercedes-Benz’ storied history begins with the first combustion engine fitted in a stagecoach, the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. In 1901, following the death of Gottlieb Dialmer, Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG) released the first Mercedes vehicle, the Mercedes 35 hp. Named after the daughter of the wealthy racing-enthusiast, Emil Jellinek, who commissioned the vehicle, the car began an automobile revolution. Abandoning the assumptions and conventions of the horse-drawn carriage, the Mercedes 35hp was designed from the ground-up to inaugurate a new age of motor travel. Featuring a long wheelbase to improve stability markedly, an electric ignition system, and an all-new engine, the car made an immediate impact on the automobile world, reaching the then eye-watering speed of 60km/hr. By 1926 the Daimler and Benz companies had merged to become Mercedes-Benz, and the first vehicles under today’s brand name were produced. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Mercedes-Benz has designed countless automobile icons while remaining at the vanguard of safety, electronic and performance developments—many of which have become industry standards. Renting a Mercedes-Benz in New York City Sometimes what New York calls for is nothing more, and nothing less, than Mercedes. The ultimate in making a statement with understatement, Mercedes exudes luxury and professionalism without ever showing off. Classic, restrained, reliable, yet designed from the bottom up with the latest tech and engineering developments, a Mercedes is the perfect car for traversing New York City streets for business or pleasure. Whether you’re touring in a modern sedan like the S500 4Matic, cruising in the boxy, tank-like G-class, or running silent in the brand new, all-electric EQS 450, Mercedes propels you through the city with confidence. Rent a Mercedes with RealCar today and skip the paperwork, skip the garage, and skip the hassle. Get your Benz delivered to you in NYC and start driving in style.

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  • Where can I rent a Mercedes-Benz in New York?
    You can rent a Mercedes-Benz from RealCar (www.realcar.nyc). RealCar offers easy online or in-app-based booking!
    Which type of Mercedes-Benz do you have?
    RealCar offers Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLC, S Class, and other models.
    Are pets allowed in the rental Mercedes-Benz?
    Yes, RealCar is happy to have you bring your pets in the Mercedes-Benz. Please note that you may be charged a service fee if the rental vehicle requires additional cleaning.
  • Is it necessary to clean the Mercedes-Benz before returning?
    No, it’s not necessary to clean the Mercedes-Benz. Our team cleans, washes, and details all RealCar vehicles between every rental. However, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned soiled, covered in pet hair, or shows signs of other abuse.
    How long can I rent the Mercedes-Benz for?
    You may rent the Mercedes-Benz with RealCar for as long as you like. Please contact us if you are looking for more than 30 days at a time.
    What are the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz?
    Top-Class Safety. Mercedes-Benz is known for its automotive safety innovation
  • Is it necessary to book the Mercedes-Benz in advance?
    We recommended you book the Mercedes-Benz ahead of time as RealCar only has a limited number of these vehicles in it's fleet.
    What does 4MATIC mean for Mercedes?
    4MATIC stands for all-wheel drive.
    What does AMG mean in Mercedes?
    AMG stands for sport package.