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Mercedes Benz GLE350

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You won't be charged yet. Price excludes taxes and fees

As spacious as it is aerodynamic and as robust as it is agile

The GLE 350 is an unmistakably classic SUV. Everything you expect from Mercedes-Benz is here: a boldly-styled first-class cabin, the latest in driver-assisting tech, and a powerfully-tuned turbo engine matched with 4MATIC all-wheel drive.



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Rent Mercedes-Benz GLE350 Near Me
Luxury Mercedes-Benz GLE350 Rental NYC

The standard setter

Athletic, gripping and instantly recognizable, the GLE 350 remains a standard setter for both style and performance when it comes to luxury Sports Utility Vehicles. With room enough for your whole entourage, this ample SUV never feels encumbered or overloaded, carrying its load with grit and grace. On road or off the beaten track, the GLE is another Mercedes Icon.

A Luxury

Mercedes Benz GLE350
Features & Technology

Luxury Mercedes-Benz GLE350 rental near me
  • KEYLESS-GO with seamless door handles
  • Panorama roof
  • Burmester 3D Surround Sound system w/EV Sound
  • Acoustic Vehicle Alert System
  • LED DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps w/lightband
  • PARKTRONIC with Active Parking Assist
  • Surround View System
  • PRE-SAFE Sound
  • Driver Assistance Package
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  • How can I rent a Mercedes-Benz GLE350 from RealCar?
    You can rent a Mercedes-Benz GLE350 from RealCar ( RealCar offers easy online or in app-based booking!
    Are there any mileage restrictions on the rental?
    Daily and weekend rentals include 200 free miles per day, weekly rentals include 1,000 free miles, and monthly rentals include 3,000 free miles (unless stated otherwise). Each additional mile driven will be subject to a charge at the stated mileage rate of $0.75 per mile.
    What is the cancellation policy for a Mercedes-Benz GLE350 rental?
    Customers may cancel 72 hours prior to the reservation start date for a full refund. If a cancellation is made within 72 hours of the reservation start date and time, we can only provide an e-credit which can be applied toward future rental reservations with RealCar.
    Can I extend my rental period if needed?
    Yes, you may, unless another renter has already booked the vehicle. If a trip is not extended and the vehicle is kept beyond the scheduled trip end time, you will be subject to significant late fees.
  • Is there a deposit required to rent a Mercedes-Benz GLE350?
    Renting with a debit card requires up to a $5000 security deposit, refundable at the end of the rental.
    What is the minimum age requirement to rent a Mercedes-Benz GLE350?
    You must be over 21-years old and hold a current, valid (non-temporary) driver’s license (no major moving violations, DUI convictions, or similar infractions) and present your license to RealCar when you receive your vehicle. If you are under the age of 25, you may be required to demonstrate at least two years of current, U.S.-licensed driving history. If you hold a foreign licence, you must be at least 25 years old and will be required to show your passport and a photograph of your license.
    How much horsepower does the Mercedes-Benz GLE350 have?
    The Mercedes-Benz GLE350 has a 255 horsepower engine.
    How many miles per gallon does Mercedes-Benz GLE350 get?
    The Mercedes-Benz GLE350 gets about 23 miles per gallon on highway, 19 mpg while driving in the city.
  • Is it neccesary to clean the Mercedes-Benz GLE350 before returning?
    No, it’s not necessary to clean the Mercedes-Benz GLE350. Our team cleans, washes and details all RealCar vehicles between every rental. However, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned soiled, covered in pet hair or shows signs of other abuse.
    Are pets allowed in the rental Mercedes-Benz GLE350?
    Yes, pets are allowed in rental Mercedes-Benz GLE350. However, please note that RealCar reserves the right to assess a service fee of $150 if the vehicle requires additional cleaning up after your pet.
    How do I schedule the Mercedes-Benz GLE350 rental?
    Scheduling your Mercedes-Benz GLE350 rental is as easy as clicking the «book now» button, and then entering your desired date, time and address for delivery and drop off.
    How many seats does the Mercedes-Benz GLE350 have?
    The Mercedes-Benz GLE350 seats 5 people.