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Rent an SUV in New York City

The city that never sleeps never stops driving. But traffic doesn’t have to be a drag in a sports utility vehicle. Rise above the crowd in a SUV, giving you all the presence, control, and visibility you need to navigate New York’s busy cross-streets and avenues. Sturdy, safe, muscular, and just as importantly, spacious, luxury SUVs offer more than enough room for your family outing, your two dogs, your snowboards, surfboards, or weekend crew. So why stay urban? An SUV is the perfect vehicle for getting out of the Five Boroughs and into the wilds. Four-wheel drive, serious horsepower, and robust stability make it the ride of choice for winter roads, Catskill views, and Hudson River drives—whether for ski trips, summer sports, or the simple pleasures of sightseeing. Select one of RealCar’s premium SUV rentals from the top luxury brands and start driving today.

Why RealCar?

  • The Car You Want

    Drive only the best: Range Rover, Porsche,
    BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, or Maserati

    The Car You Want
  • The Car You Need

    Choose a performance SUV, top-class sedan,
    sporty convertible or next-gen EV.

    The Car You Need
  • Fair Toll + Fuel Plan

    Pay only for what you use.
    No surprise surcharges.

    Fair Toll + Fuel Plan
  • Door-to-Door Delivery

    RealCar delivers and picks up your vehicle
    wherever you are, on your schedule.

    Door-to-Door Delivery


  • Where can I rent a luxury SUV in New York?
    You can rent a luxury SUV from RealCar ( RealCar offers easy online or in-app-based booking!
    Are pets allowed in the rental the SUV?
    Yes, RealCar allows pets in the vehicles. Please note that you may be charged a service fee if the rental vehicle requires additional cleaning.
    Is it necessary to clean the SUV before returning?
    No, it`s not necessary to clean the car prior to returning. Our team cleans, washes and details all RealCar vehicles between every rental. However, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned soiled, covered in pet hair, or shows signs of other abuse.
  • What are the advantages of SUV?
    The advantage of driving an SUV is the level of practicality that SUVs have to offer thanks to their larger frame, providing you with enough room to transport passengers and luggage.
    Why is RealCar the best place to book a luxury car rental?
    RealCar offers an array of luxury vehicles, delivery to your door, and easy online and app-based booking. RealCar prides itself on making renting a car in New York City as easy and effortless as possible. We value your time so convenience and ease are at top of mind while maintaining a high level of service.
    What is the most reliable brand of SUV I can rent with RealCar?
    All makes and models we offer are reliable.
  • Why SUVs are better than sedans?
    SUV provides more room and comfort than a sedan.
    Are SUV safer cars?
    With more metal between them and the road, SUV drivers enjoy a higher rate of safety than those in sedans and smaller cars which may be more easily damaged
    Is it harder driving an SUV?
    SUVs can be harder to drive because they have less room to maneuver in tight spaces and are generally less agile when responding to emergencies.