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Rent a Luxury Sedan in New York City

Classic, classy, and most of all—comfortable—a luxury sedan makes a statement without shouting. And in New York City, everyone is shouting. The sedan is making a comeback, if it ever really went away, and it`s still the king of that sweet spot between spaciousness, elegance, luggage capacity, and performance. Suitable for business trips as much as family vacations and weekend getaways, the contemporary sedan has plenty of room for everyone without sacrificing the feel of the road or the thrill of a turn. Recent iterations, like the Porsche Panamera, have reenvisioned the class for a new generation, synthesizing the sportscar, muscle car, and full-sized luxury vehicle. Rent a premium sedan with RealCar today and forget about trains, taxis, drivers, and Ubers. Driving itself is the real luxury in the right car.

Why RealCar?

  • The Car You Want

    Drive only the best: Range Rover, Porsche,
    BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, or Maserati

    The Car You Want
  • The Car You Need

    Choose a performance SUV, top-class sedan,
    sporty convertible or next-gen EV.

    The Car You Need
  • Fair Toll + Fuel Plan

    Pay only for what you use.
    No surprise surcharges.

    Fair Toll + Fuel Plan
  • Door-to-Door Delivery

    RealCar delivers and picks up your vehicle
    wherever you are, on your schedule.

    Door-to-Door Delivery


  • Where can I rent a sedan in New York?
    You can rent a luxury sedan from RealCar ( RealCar offers easy online or in-app-based booking!
    Are pets allowed in the rental the sedan ?
    Yes, RealCar is happy to have you bring your pets in the sedan. Please note that you may be charged a service fee if the rental vehicle requires additional cleaning.
    Is it necessary to clean the sedan before returning?
    No, it`s not necessary to clean the rental sedan. Our team cleans, washes, and details all RealCar vehicles between every rental. However, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned soiled, covered in pet hair, or shows signs of other abuse.
  • What are the advantages of sedan?
    Handling and fuel economy.
    Why are sedans better than SUVs?
    Generally, most sedans are more affordable than SUVs.
    Are sedans easier to drive?
    Sedans aren't as heavy as SUVs are - they're much easier to drive.
  • Are sedans good for a road trip?
    Sedans and hatchbacks make excellent road-trip vehicles for small families.
    Is a sedan enough for a family?
    Sedans are great for families with only one or two kids.
    What is the safest sedan to drive?
    A full-size sedan.